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News media are not “enemies of the people”

I ask you: do I look like an enemy of the people?  Given my 30+ years in journalism (including Boston Phoenix, WGBH-TV, WCVB-TV) and nearly a decade more as a blogger, Donald Trump would probably say yes. Journalism is certainly … Continue reading

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Summer reading part two: non-fiction

The following are suggestions from when I wasn’t fleeing the daily news into real fiction, as noted in my previous blog. I Was Told to Come Alone: My Journey behind the Lines of Jihad,  a memoir by Washington Post national security … Continue reading

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Summer reading part one: escape into fiction

Every year at this time I share books that that may interest my readers.  What I have discovered in year two of the Trump administration is how I often have I sought escape into fiction, though it is fiction with … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren: tribune for the downtrodden or capitalist to the bones?

“I’m a capitalist to my bones,” Senator Elizabeth Warren this week told a New England Council audience of business leaders, adding, “We have to make markets strong so everyone can do better.” Addressing an arcane and often dry subject, she … Continue reading

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Legitimate questions on recreational pot?

Massachusetts voters voted in 2016 to allow the growing and sale of marijuana for recreational purposes, and last week the state’s Cannabis Control Commission issued its first permit for a retail outlet.  The doors are not yet open because the … Continue reading

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Civility and indignation can go together

Red Hen owner Stephanie Wilkinson asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave her Lexington, Virginia restaurant , declaring it a moral issue.  Wilkinson said her request was in the name of upholding “certain standards, like honesty, compassion and cooperation.” Some of … Continue reading

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Trump a candidate for Nobel Appease Prize?

Remember Lucy pulling the football away just as Charlie Brown was about to kick it? Imagine if Charlie Brown,  instead of being dejected,  ran around the field with his arms stretched high shouting  that he had just kicked the winning … Continue reading

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