For nearly three decades, in both print and electronic journalism, I wrote about politics, social issues and more. Now I add occasional thoughts on music, books and theater to my portfolio and hope you’ll join in.

Readers in Massachusetts and  New England will remember my career as Director of Editorials at WCVB-TV, Channel 5, Boston’s ABC affiliate.  For 20 years starting in 1979, I produced and often hosted Five on Five, at one time the nation’s longest running, locally produced public affairs discussion program, and I regularly appeared as a commentator on local broadcast and cable stations. Since 2010, I have blogged on politics, public affairs, culture and more.  For many years, I also produced the station’s political candidate forums.  I still find time to serve as a public speaker and forum moderator.

From 2001, I was president of Barron Associates Worldwide, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in communications, which in 2015 formed a strategic partnership with Denterlein, Inc. of Boston.  My practice focused  on communications strategies, including media relations, public affairs and reputation management, executive coaching, media training, and crisis communications. Immediately after I left Channel 5, I served as executive director for media communications at BankBoston, where I headed the bank’s in-house public relations agency, directing media relations strategies and professionals serving the bank’s businesses in North and South America.

Prior to working at Channel 5, I was an associate producer of PBS Television’s The Advocates, a national political affairs writer for The Boston Phoenix, a reporter for WGBH-TV’s Ten O’Clock News and political editor of The Newton Times.

I am very proud of the numerous awards I won in journalism, including three New England Emmy Awards and, for five consecutive years, the National Award for Excellence in Television Editorials from the National Broadcast Editorial Association. In 2015,  Regis College conferred on me an honorary doctorate of humane letters, and, in 2019, I was inducted into the Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame.  I am also pleased to have been honored by others, including United Press International (UPI). Associated Press, the American Trial Lawyers Association, the Alliance for the Mentally Ill, the Massachusetts Teachers Association, the Massachusetts Broadcasters Association, the Massachusetts National Guard, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the YWCA and the Big Sisters Association of Greater Boston.

Today, I am an adviser emerita of the Boston Symphony Orchestra   and a former trustee of the Association of Opinion Journalists Foundation (founded in 1947 as the National Conference of Editorial Writers Foundation, now part of The News Leaders Association), a former board member of The Boston Club and member of its Corporate Board Committee, and a former president of the National Broadcast Editorial Association.

I graduated with honor from Wellesley College and am married to James Barron, an attorney, journalist and consultant whose real-life political thriller, The Greek Connection: Elias Demetracopoulous and The Untold Story of Watergate  is now available on Amazon and elsewhere.

– Margie Arons-Barron

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Margie,

    What a nice surprise to meet you in the
    OCB waiting room this past Wednesday.
    After that moment, I returned to my 1956
    Newtonian and reread your lovely note
    to me next to your graduation photo.
    Warm regards,
    Bob Gorn
    PS. I sent a similar note to you recently
    but I do not know if you got it.


  2. Amalia Barreda

    Hello Marjorie,
    I just read your piece on Sal DiMasi and both my husband Joe and I agree wholeheartedly with what you’ve said. DiMasi has more than paid the price for his sins and should be allowed to go home. As you undoubtedly know the Bureau of Prisons takes advice from no one, but if enough people speak up for DiMasi maybe, just maybe, they will see that the punishment in this case is no longer fitting the crime.
    Amalia Barreda


  3. Marie Therese Martin CSJ

    Dear Marjorie,
    I read with joy my Regis Bulletin announcing that Regis will be honoring you at this year’s Commencement. We last connected when you honored your 5th grade teacher, Agnes T. Ahern, my aunt, many years ago on Channel 5. I have noted your connection with Regis over the years.

    As a Sister of St. Joseph and an Alum (Class of 1955), I am so happy that Regis is honoring you. I gave your short clip to Agnes’ niece who teaches communications at Miami Beach High School. She loved it, and when I visited her classroom said to me: “Agnes would be proud of me, wouldn’t she.” She would be, as she would be proud of you. I think we both found ways of giving stars!!!!



    1. Thank you so much for your kind remarks. I’m touched by the recognition and also pleased about the opportunity to address the graduate students at their hooding ceremony. My themes will deal with communication, and I hope that somewhere out there Miss Ahern is proud again.


  4. Hello Marjorie: I read your fine tribute to Gail Perrin. I joined The Boston Globe in 1965 and retired in 1991, after writing three small books on journalism, being nominated for The Pulitzer twice, JCPenney-University of Missouri only three time winner and 30 prizes. Gail followed my new chapter (Chapter Two!): artist, watercolor painter and pioneer of a new way of painting watercolors with a palette knife and a puddle. It’s called Knifed Watercolors(TM). Gail just showed up at various exhibits, full of cheer. She came to dinner at Belmont, Ma. where I live and there was lots of reminiscing. My gallery is http://www.marian-christy.com. I’m writing because I enjoyed your piece so full of fine journalistic observations. All the best to you, Marian Christy


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