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Kennedy versus Bielat in only televised debate

Fourth congressional district candidates Sean Bielat (R) and Joe Kennedy III (D) finally met in their only televised debate, on Channel 5’s On the Record.  It’s hard to know how many viewers they had, but it’s easy to see how foolish  Joe … Continue reading

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Warren, Brown face to face for first time

She listened, she learned, and took a big step forward. For weeks, many  sympathetic to Elizabeth Warren’s US Senate candidacy have expressed exasperation at her campaign and her candidate skills. In this, the important first debate against her often affable … Continue reading

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“Innocence of Muslims” film tests First Amendment beliefs

Set aside such unacceptable (and criminal) “clear and present” dangers such as  shouting Fire in a crowded theater, as a journalist I have always thought of myself as something of a First Amendment absolutist.  That’s being tested these days. The cornerstone of democracy … Continue reading

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“Meet the Press” jumps the shark

  Over the summer it was  rumored that NBC was going to drop David Gregory from the Meet the Press moderator’s chair because of dramatically declining ratings. Would that they had. Except for FOX appearances, Mitt Romney has been AWOL … Continue reading

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Tax dollars for murderer’s sex change operation!

Should a murderer in prison for life be entitled to an elective surgical procedure at taxpayers’ expense?  Fifty state legislators have asked the state Department of Corrections to appeal Judge Mark Wolf’s decision that the Commonwealth should have to pay … Continue reading

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Will Obama’s different world view win him another term?

They say a candidate campaigns with poetry but, if elected, governs with prose.  Last night’s speech by Barack Obama, despite some soaring moments, reflected the gravitas he has developed in nearly four years in office.  The idea that our path … Continue reading

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Loosen up, Lizzie

When Elizabeth Warren walked out on the convention stage last night, smiling and waving, ebullient, she seemed to radiate personality and warmth.  That sparkle dissipated when she got into her stump speech, slightly expanded for the occasion.  Except for some … Continue reading

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