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Settlements bad; UN Resolution doesn’t help

Donald Trump’s egregiously right-wing nominee to be ambassador to Israel, his diplomatically challenged bankruptcy lawyer David Friedman, may please Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. But his nomination doesn’t augur well for growing divisions within the American Jewish community or American-Israeli relations. In … Continue reading

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Some headlines for 2017?

As befits the season, here are some little gifts, selected headlines I’d like to see next year. I have little expectation they will top newspapers or tease newscasts.  Still, a gal can dream. Please add your own in the comments section below. … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren right to apologize

Shortly before Elizabeth Warren announced her Senate candidacy,  my husband asked her what past senators were her consumer protection role models and where on the spectrum between William Proxmire and Phil Hart she’d place herself. Proxmire was a maverick legislator, renowned for creating the Golden Fleece … Continue reading

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Donald Trump: the gift that keeps on giving

The world was simpler when Donald Trump was merely spouting off slogans or saying offensive things at rallies. But every day brings worse news. The three a.m. tweets, which once showcased his ignorance and lack of discipline, now have real-life consequences, and they’re not … Continue reading

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I want Trump to succeed, but

What does that mean?  I want Donald Trump to succeed for the good of the country.  I want the great national divisions to heal and intentional conflicts to abate. I want the economy to do well, and its benefits shared … Continue reading

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