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Is the nation’s “best” casino policy good enough?

Massachusetts is officially a casino state. Yesterday at two p.m. a slots parlor opened to the public in Plainville.  Penn National reportedly spent $250 million to build and start up the facility, the first to bring Las Vegas to the Bay … Continue reading

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S.C. mass murder prompts forgiveness?

Thirty-six hours after Dylann Storm Roof slaughtered their loved ones in a Charleston, S.C  AME Church, family members of the victims grieved their loss but urged the mass murderer be treated with grace, dignity and forgiveness.  Like Nadine Collier, who lost … Continue reading

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My love/hate relationship with Hillary

Take a yellow legal pad. Draw a line down the middle. Put Hillary Clinton’s pluses on one side and minuses on the other. The symmetry is disturbing. Let’s start with the good stuff. I confess to a sense of pride … Continue reading

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Secrecy tips the case of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

President Obama’s proposed trade deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), has me in a quandary.  I’ve long held that free trade benefits everyone in the long run.  It’s what happens in the short run that can be daunting.  Reduce or eliminate barriers … Continue reading

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