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Donald Trump an embarrassment everywhere

Just when you thought Donald Trump had already taken the Presidency as low as it could go, he asked, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries coming here?” Our esteemed President, according to credible reports, told a … Continue reading

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Trump trumpets economic performance: questions remain

The stock market is up “very, very big today” and the “tax cuts are really kicking in far beyond what anyone thought,” President Trump said last week, making an illogical cause-and-effect connection between the two. He also touted the latest … Continue reading

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Headlines I’m looking for in 2018

My New Year’s gift to you is a list of headlines.  I have precious little expectation that we will see them atop newspapers, magazines,  newscasts or on social media in 2018.  Please send your own in the comments section below. I … Continue reading

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Marty Walsh sounds right tone

The last inauguration I listened to was a little less than a year ago when the worst President of my lifetime was sworn in. This morning, with former Vice President Joe Biden by his side,  Marty Walsh took the oath … Continue reading

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