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Vote recount buzz a distraction

So, Jill Stein, whose morally smug supporters modestly helped to sink the Clinton campaign, now wants to do recounts in precisely those states where her votes exceeded Trump’s margin over Clinton. For what? To hope she gets fewer votes and … Continue reading

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Recovery is slow, Rx uncertain

Critics of my blogs may be delighted to know that my operating system was corrupted, and I have been without a computer for two weeks. It was a most peculiar time to be silenced.  Hallelujah, the tech crisis is over. But the … Continue reading

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Charlie Baker wins while losing

Governor Charlie Baker took a hit on election day, but those who smell blood in the water are seriously mistaken.   Baker supported expanding charter schools, Question Two on the ballot.  He was right on the issue, but the expansion referendum … Continue reading

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The biggest Trump shocker of all

Waking up today, we wondered if it was all a nightmare. But, no. It was real. We moved with lead feet, speaking little, in shock. It was still early when the doorbell rang. Two young women, Jehovah’s Witnesses. Given the recent event, … Continue reading

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Warning: watching polls may be hazardous to your health

Last Sunday, when the Cubs were down 3-1  to Cleveland, celebrated prognosticator Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight  proclaimed that the Cubs had a smaller chance of winning the World Series than Trump did winning the presidency.  More recently,  he’s been soberly  covering … Continue reading

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