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Obama speech: still more questions than answers

If Ronald Reagan was the great communicator, Barack Obama is the great synthesizer. In an artfully designed presentation, he pulled together all the disparate themes that have been raised in the last three weeks regarding our Libyan involvement and wove … Continue reading

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Libyan strikes spur rampant ambivalence

I listen to Cong. Michael Capuano and Niki Tsongas criticize President Obama for not taking the Libyan military action to Congress and, as an old anti-Vietnam War activist, I applaud their stance. It’s hard not to be concerned that what … Continue reading

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Getting mad and getting even don’t always sync

The public can derive enormous satisfaction from taking action against public worker misfeasance, malfeasance, nonfeasance or just plain nuisance, but that visceral satisfaction can be short-lived, whether you’re talking about ending “hack holidays” or even voting to recall public officials. … Continue reading

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Judging today’s college students by yesterday’s standards

Today’s college students are reading less and partying more. So says New York Times columnist Bob Herbert, based on a new book entitled “Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses.” Authors Richard Arum of New York University and Joseph Roksa … Continue reading

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Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster in Pacific prompts local concerns

You never know when a natural disaster on the other side of the world wreaks havoc with lives right in our own community. These CNN photos are just the beginning of our education about this.   Middlesex Community College is a case … Continue reading

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Union counter-proposal on health insurance falls woefully short

It’s hard not to think “fox in the chicken coop” in response to the public workers union proposal that, if the union were to agree to receiving its health insurance coverage through the state’s Group Insurance Commission (GIC), the union … Continue reading

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Cozy relationships lead to Blue Cross/Blue Shield excesses

The process for deciding and ratifying former Blue Cross/Blue Shield CEO Cleve Killingsworth’s exorbitant severance package seems to reflect what happens when movers and shakers in any sector get too comfortable with each other. We saw it on Wall Street; … Continue reading

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