Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster in Pacific prompts local concerns

You never know when a natural disaster on the other side of the world wreaks havoc with lives right in our own community. These CNN photos are just the beginning of our education about this.  
Middlesex Community College is a case in point. It works with exchange study programs and cultural organizations in Japan and Hawaii.  Friends and colleagues in the Greater Lowell area have been directly affected by the disaster, and they’re trying to get the word out about support services they’re offering on both their Lowell and Bedford campuses.

In Lowell, you can visit the city campus cafeteria at 33 Kearney Square, and in Bedford, the Dean of Student’s Office (Building 9) on Springs Road. All students, staff, faculty and community members are welcome.

The centers will officially open today at 2:00 for any students, faculty/staff, and community members who wish to discuss the personal, local, and global effects of this devastating event. Crisis counselors are on hand, and the College are providing internet access for anyone looking to track information via the web.
MCC is offering its blog to communicate personal experiences, as well as to offer prayers or support for those affected by this devastating tragedy.

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