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New disaster insurance: don’t

My husband, Jim Barron, and I have finally hit on a way to finance our eventual retirement. Let’s call it don’ Here’s how it would work. If you’re worried about a pending natural disaster, or even a financial one, pay … Continue reading

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Rick Perry: time to fact-check the "Texas Miracle"

Driving down to Cohasset for a party celebrating Polly Logan, the 85 year old progressive-minded grande dame and happy warrior of Massachusetts Republican politics, on the same day as the Iowa Straw Poll, my husband and I talked about how … Continue reading

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Escape from politics into books

News that a huge (4’ deep and 190’ long) sinkhole has opened up under the I-90 Big Dig Tunnel seems to be a metaphor for how our political leaders continue letting us down. Summer hasn’t provided much respite either. That … Continue reading

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Say it isn’t so, Setti

I’ve been a big fan of Newton Mayor Setti Warren, 19 months into his first term and now a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Scott Brown. As BlueMass Group pointed out, Setti … Continue reading

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As markets tank, politicians hit the links, oblivious

Recent memories of Cape Cod breezes, warm sunshine and gentle waves can’t dispel the acid taste left in the mouth by Congress’ despicable( and self-inflicted) game of chicken around raising the debt ceiling, followed by the eighth largest drop in … Continue reading

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