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Welfare audit feeds anti-government hostility

Former State Senate President Billy Bulger used to joke that, when he died, he wanted to be buried at St. Augustine’s because he could still remain politically active.  Now, thanks to State Auditor Suzanne Bump and Tuesday’s report on fraud and … Continue reading

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Media need to do heavy lifting in Boston mayoral race

When the Boston marathon was bombed, we all shared the grief and noted that “We are Boston.”  So, too, when the capital city selects a new mayor, the people of Greater Boston, not just its voting residents, have a stake in who … Continue reading

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Tim Murray makes cool career move

Lieutenant Tim Murray is one lucky dude.  You might say he has escaped with his life.  The affable former three-term mayor of Worcester has never been able to elude the bad karma surrounding his mysterious early morning car accident in … Continue reading

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Markey needs to step it up

Senator John McCain is in Boston today to support Republican Gabriel Gomez’ bid for the U.S. Senate race.  Gomez, a former Navy SEAL,  is expected to step up his attacks on Democratic Congressman Ed Markey for being soft on homeland … Continue reading

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At the heart of the Red Sox – a real estate play?

Today’s Globe story that a deal is near for developer John Rosenthal’s Fenway Center is good news for all concerned.  The idea that this project would have a 99-year lease on air rights over the Turnpike between Beacon Street and Brookline Avenue near … Continue reading

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Corner office may be way out of D.C. for Capuano

The House has passed a budget.  The Senate has passed a budget.  But we’re not likely to get a budget, Congressman Michael Capuano told Monday’s New England Council breakfast meeting, because Congress is still kicking the can down the road, … Continue reading

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IRS v.Tea Party: a cause for concern

A civic or social welfare organization is not allowed to support political candidates of any stripe.  Partisan activities are a no-no if a non-profit wants to preserve its federal tax exemption. But the law has to be applied evenly. The Internal Revenue Service … Continue reading

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