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Elizabeth Warren still a breath of fresh air

Senator Elizabeth Warren, in office for less than two months, remains a breath of fresh air.  She comes to the body with experience, intellect and relative sophistication for a newcomer to the club.  She has been there before but is now calibrating her new … Continue reading

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What a Pope Sean would say about the Church

It’s hard not to think positively of Cardinal Sean O’Malley’s being mentioned as a contender to succeed Pope Benedict.  Media interest (see Vatican reporter John Allen’s recap in the National Catholic Reporter about how Italian media have fueled the speculation) … Continue reading

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A liberal manifesto with a centrist tinge

President Barack Obama’s state-of-the-union speech was as much a liberal manifesto as I’ve heard in decades.  Not surprising then that so many of the talking heads take the speech as evidence that Obama is trying to move the American center … Continue reading

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Blizzard 2013 – a rare interlude

City plows have made a token pass down our street, scooping out a rut the width of a sedan.  It will probably be tomorrow before we’re plowed and shovelled out. For now, the neighborhood is breathtakingly beautiful. Tranquil. Pristine.  No distant sounds from Route 128.  Very quiet … Continue reading

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Proposed pre-Broadway production tax credit a no-no

I can remember the day when many, if not most, major Broadway shows opened in Boston for a test run.  West Side Story and South Pacific are just two that spring immediately to mind. (Others opened in Philadelphia or New Haven.) Now … Continue reading

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Brown decision could be good for state GOP

A Senate run by Scott Brown would have been a little like Ground Hog Day, and I’m sure his decision not to run for John Kerry’s Senate seat was a relief for his ever cheerful, ever campaigning family. If he wants … Continue reading

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