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Turkey shoots down plane – and other Thanksgiving thoughts

Finally, the bird gets even.  This is clearly a step beyond the President’s annual commuting of the Thanksgiving turkey’s death sentence.   “Turkey shoots down Russian warplane near Syrian border.” But no, it’s not the revenge of the traditional holiday meal. … Continue reading

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Seeking sanity on Syrian refugees

 ISIS boasts that it’s embedding its fighters in the flood of refugees escaping war-torn Syria. Frontline Greece says it doesn’t have the resources to properly screen the tsunami of humanity. Brussels, after years of looking the other way, is on lockdown looking … Continue reading

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Paris horror: sad, angry and seeking solutions

Our friends in Paris are safe: “shocked, sad, anxious, but safe.” But also angry, en colère.   A lot of their children’s friends and school mates were injured; a university friend, 21 years old, is dead. Here at home, we remember … Continue reading

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Tom Brady weasels out on important issue

Tom Brady, who can execute with finesse virtually any move a quarterback could dream of, apparently can’t make the most basic of all moves, standing up and taking a position against domestic abuse.  Asked in his weekly WEEI interview about … Continue reading

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It’s the future, stupid

The future lies ahead, but which candidate will embrace it? I want to share some analysis laid out this week at The New England Council. That venerable business organization has, with bipartisan support,  lobbied for years for practical solutions to bedrock issues … Continue reading

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Charlie Baker: color him purple

Charlie Baker couldn’t be elected dog catcher  as a Republican  in wide red swaths of our country.  For evidence,  look at just the last 24 hours. Our Republican governor is expanding diversity in businesses contracting with the state, widening opportunities for people … Continue reading

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