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Tom Menino reborn – or so it seems

Mea culpa.  On December 4, this very blog expressed the sense that Boston Mayor Tom Menino should hang it up. Quit while he was ahead. Yield to diminished physical capacity and rest on his laurels.  Accept congratulations for all he … Continue reading

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Joe Kennedy takes measured approach to government

The scion of a multi-generational political dynasty, Massachusetts’ new fourth district congressman is youthful, charming, and unpretentious. He reflects an honest humility appropriate to someone who has been in Congress for just three weeks.  Speaking to this morning’s meeting of The New England    Council, … Continue reading

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Coakley top executive material

Attorney General Martha Coakley told a Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce breakfast Wednesday that government’s role is not to pick business winners and losers but to create a competitive environment conducive to the development of new ideas and technological innovation.  … Continue reading

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Transportation, teaching and taxes the focus of Governor’s large proposal

For four decades, the Commonwealth has been trying to figure out how to have a comprehensive transportation system. Comprehensive, well maintained but affordable. The issues don’t change: what to provide,who should pay, where the money should come from. For the most … Continue reading

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Murray opts out: whew!

Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray has announced he won’t be a candidate for governor or any other statewide office in 2014. We’re thus spared the media obsession with his peculiar early morning driving accident in 2011, never explained to the satisfaction … Continue reading

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Obama takes first step toward gun safety

How effective the President will be on gun safety remains to be seen, but today he took a first step in the right direction by laying out an agenda to minimize future gun violence. He sounded like a leader.  We eagerly … Continue reading

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Facing up to 2 1/2 override

Newton is one of many communities in which the Prop 2 1/2 chickens are coming home to roost.  For the last 30 years, that 1980 tax limit referendum has held a community’s total tax levy to two and a half … Continue reading

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WGBH ignores local classical music lovers

A Boston Business Journal headline last week piqued my interest:  “WGBH sending out strong signals.”  This was very exciting.  Was the station finally heeding the complaints of classical music lovers deprived of classical music when WCRB FM, which WGBH owns, … Continue reading

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Frankly, Barney’s best for interim senator

Wanted: Smart, courageous,  savvy individual for temporary posting. Location: United States Senate. Experience: track record of experience in complicated political settings with record of success in achieving goals.  Education: longtime immersion in complicated policy challenges with particular expertise in military … Continue reading

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Fiscal cliff deal a puny effort

That clanking sound you hear is that of the proverbial can getting kicked down the road.  That can is the much-needed solution to the federal debt.  This week’s “solution” was not a solution at all. At least initially, the financial markets responded … Continue reading

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