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Red Sox victory: How sweet it is!

I can’t remember ever being happier to be wrong! There will be tons of words written about the first Red Sox win in Fenway in 95 years.  None will be enough, nor will mine adequately express our collective joy.  As … Continue reading

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Terezin Music Foundation touches core of humanity

When my husband and I visited the Terezin  [also known as Theresienstadt] concentration camp outside of Prague in 1990, we could only begin to imagine the horrors the Nazis visited upon the political prisoners and Jews housed there.  The barracks where human beings were packed … Continue reading

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Washington artful dodgers postpone responsibility

Don’t believe the hype: Ted Cruz and Tea Partiers weren’t big losers. Most other people were. The recent partial shut-down and near default of the US government led by rogue  deficit hawks cost American taxpayers at least $24 billion (according … Continue reading

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Boston mayoral race has a touch of class

Boston mayoral candidates Marty Walsh and John Connolly met in their first debate Tuesday and discussed issues to a draw. No surprise.  There’s little that separates them on matters of policy.  Rep. Walsh did what he had to in proving … Continue reading

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Bullpen cop not a picture-perfect image

Local writers (e.g., Dan Shaughnessy) have reveled in the image of Boston Police Officer Steve Horgan raising his arms in a celebratory pose as Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter fell over the bullpen wall chasing David Ortiz’ grand-slam homer.  It was … Continue reading

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What’s in your wallet? Can you say Governor Alec Baldwin?

Ronald Reagan. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Clint Eastwood. Sonny Bono, Al Franken.  All actor/ entertainers who won roles as politicians in real life. Now here comes Alec Baldwin.  His MSNBC show , Up Late, which debuts tonight, may be the next step in … Continue reading

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Clock ticks as extremists carry the day

The Red Sox move on to the ALCS, Gronkowski may play for the Patriots on Sunday, a Newton-based foundation is poised to save Boston’s First Night Festival, the school buses are rolling in Boston after an illegal one-day strike, so … Continue reading

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Polly Logan: the best of Republicanism

Massachusetts Republican Party grande dame Polly Logan, 88, died on September 30, a day when the national GOP showed again how it has become the antithesis of what she stood for. Polly, who lived on the South Shore, was a  former … Continue reading

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