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False accusers deserve equal justice

Former football star Brian Banks of Long Beach, California got a really raw deal.  What happened to him is shocking and outrageous.  A stupid, unthinking woman accused him of rape. Except in 2003, Wanetta Gibson,15, was a stupid, unthinking girl.   Back then, Banks, … Continue reading

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Judges still look the other way in drunk driving fatalities

I still remember writing about the deaths in the early eighties of a Hyde Park family of four killed in a car crash caused by a drunk driver.  The shock of that tragedy seemed to jolt people into taking drunk driving more seriously.  … Continue reading

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U.S. and allies should stand strong in this week’s Bagdhad meeting

Six nations are heading to Baghdad this week to meet with Iran about its relentless drive for nuclear weapons.  This was teed up by their meeting this spring in Istanbul.  The idea is to get Iran, at a minimum, to stop enriching uranium to … Continue reading

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Let’s chuck the Cherokee fixation and deal with today’s challenges

The Boston Herald drumbeating investigation of  Elizabeth Warren’s claim to having Cherokee blood keeps on.   In yesterday’s installment,  the paper published excerpts from a 1984 cookbook called Pow Wow Chow, edited by Warren’s cousin, who compiled recipes from “Five Tribes … Continue reading

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The torch has passed: Joe Kearns Goodwin launches bid for state senate

Disclaimer: proceed at your own risk.  The following observation of an emerging political figure is through the eyes of one who has known him affectionately since he was a little boy. Notwithstanding the personal connection, I really do see him … Continue reading

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Obama and the politics of gay marriage

It would have been easier for Barack Obama to wait until after the election to announce that he thinks gays should have the right to marry.  He could have let people assume that V.P. Joe Biden’s and Education Secretary Arne … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Day Remembrance

Every day at around 4:30 in the afternoon, my hand reaches for the phone to call my mother. Traditionally, it was my way of heading off a call from her that would inevitably interrupt either my work or our family … Continue reading

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Warren’s ancestry fumble sidetracks her campaign

Apparently, virtually everyone born in Oklahoma is part Native American. According to Oklahoman Sarah Burns, a writer for Politico,  “Most families that are at least three generations Okie are related to one tribe or another.” In fact, adds Burns, “the … Continue reading

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Update: Column spurs community compassion

The power of a columnist is incontrovertible. Not long ago, Boston Globe columnist Brian McGrory  wrote a moving piece decrying the plight of Shirley Simmons, mother of the late Darryl Williams. Back in 1979, he was the innocent victim of … Continue reading

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Women’s rights are human rights, but will “backward” nations see them as keys to success?

High-level State Department work requires intelligence, sensitivity, and a healthy dose of optimism. This is what I took away from last week’s State Department briefings of 22 members of the Association of Opinion Journalists, formerly the National Conference of Editorial … Continue reading

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