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Backlog of complaints? Hit the delete button!

Forty years ago, Italian postal workers faced a backlog of 20 million pieces of mail following a series of strikes. Unlike London, which faced a similar problem and simply took a couple of weeks to eliminate the backlog, the Italians … Continue reading

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Charlie Baker: charm, practicality and reassurance

The question during the 2014 gubernatorial campaign was often “Will the real Charlie Baker please stand up?”  Today, Governor Baker stood before a meeting of the New England Council, the real Charlie Baker, the one I knew from his days … Continue reading

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Will Marty Walsh become another Michael Bilandic?

Will Marty Walsh become the next Michael Bilandic?  Bilandic was the first Chicago Mayor to try to fill the large shoes left when Mayor-for-life Richard Daley died in 1976. Walsh, of course, replaced our own Mayor-for-Life, Tom Menino and is … Continue reading

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Bob Simon – the very best

Bob Simon was the kind of journalist whom Brian Williams could only dream of being.  There was no finer writer or story teller, no more courageous correspondent, no better example of the highest achievements of reporting, than Simon, described by so many … Continue reading

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T troubles from the can kicked down the road

In Mumbai, train service was once so slow passengers rioted and burned train stations.  In Bangkok, a one-way commute can take four hours.  Manila’s public transport relies on Jeepneys, modeled on WW II jeeps and hazardous to passenger comfort and safety.  But the performance … Continue reading

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Brian Williams and narcissistic journalism

That shame came to NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams only recently is probably the most surprising news of all.  He is the ultimate expression of the celebrity newsperson, overpaid, overdressed, overexposed, over-inclined to be an entertainer all the while asserting a claim to be … Continue reading

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Chris Christie, Rand Paul support parents with heads in sand

California  is sometimes thought of as la-la land, so it shouldn’t surprise us that it is  the epicenter of the irrational parental movement against immunization.  The shocking map of the resulting outbreak of measles, a disease virtually eradicated by 2000 … Continue reading

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