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“This Town” captures a place and time

Tom Wolfe’s 1987 masterpiece Bonfire of the Vanities  captured the greed, class, ambition, and politics of Reagan era New York City. So, too, does Mark Leibovich’s This Town capture early  21st century Washington, D.C.  Bonfire, however, is fiction and This … Continue reading

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Anthony Weiner more than a sick joke

Yesterday may have been National Hot Dog Day, but Anthony Weiner has nothing to celebrate.  Anthony Weiner is a …..Good taste prevents me from playing with the punning headlines of the New York Post and Daily News. I’m sure there … Continue reading

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Zimmerman verdict gnaws at us

Arrests were made overnight in Los Angeles and Oakland as crowds protesting the “not guilty” outcome in the Trayvon Martin murder case turned violent. Had the verdict gone the other way, others would have protested.  Even though, according to juror B37, the … Continue reading

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Nervous at All Star break

I’m a life-long Red Sox fan, though I have some fair weather tendencies.  I even admit to some fair weather anxieties.  The major one is that, if the Red Sox are in first place at the All Star break, I … Continue reading

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Charlotte Golar Richie: the next mayor of Boston?

I have crossed paths with Boston mayoral candidate Charlotte Golar Richie at various times over the last few decades, but without getting a real sense of her as an individual.  Certainly, I knew her from her bio: Peace Corps volunteer in Kenya; two … Continue reading

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Warren unfairly under fire on affordable housing

Newton Mayor Setti Warren is catching flak from some Garden City liberals for withholding  $1.4 million in city-controlled federal money for a ten-unit building in a former fire station in the Waban section of Newton. The so-called Engine 6 project would house nine … Continue reading

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Book ideas for summer nights

My family’s return from a glorious week in London shows how salutary it is for a political junkie to purge herself- albeit temporarily – of politics. So before I get sucked back into  the  nearly unspeakable frustration of focusing on the ongoing national … Continue reading

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