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Thirsting for Leadership on the Economy

I am not an economist, nor do I play one on TV. I am struggling along with others to understand all the moving – and not moving – parts. And I am yearning for President Obama to outline a bold … Continue reading

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"The Mosque" near Ground Zero: a battle of the heart, head and gut

Sorting out my feelings about the so-called “Mosque” near Ground Zero has been an odyssey of heart, gut and head.  The journey has not been easy. Some 9/11 survivors are genuinely aghast at the location of this proposed Islamic community center. … Continue reading

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Down-ballot Auditor’s Race Deserves Our Attention

Say the word “auditor,” and you probably think sweaty palms, sleepless nights and maybe a nervous tic. But the race for state auditor has nothing directly to do with your tax returns or individual finances. The words “state auditor” should, … Continue reading

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Pakistan flood challenges compassion fatigue and local politics

ABC news calls the Pakistani flooding “the worst floods in memory.” Fourteen million homeless. Six million children affected. Sixteen percent of the country under water due to two weeks of monsoon rains, which have created literally hundreds of lakes, some … Continue reading

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Remembering August 3rd and Silent Cal’s Values of the Past

Eight-seven years ago yesterday, then-Vice President Calvin Coolidge was visiting his father, Colonel John Coolidge, in the tiny Vermont village of Plymouth Notch when word arrived that President Warren Harding had died. By the light of a kerosene lamp, John … Continue reading

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