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Dems win House: Divided We Stand

For two years, those turned off by Donald Trump and Republicans’ acquiescence to him have strategized to take back the House of Representatives and even, against great odds, the Senate. A great many worked to make that happen, sending checks … Continue reading

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Pre-midterm jitters

With no Red Sox diversion, tomorrow’s midterms have produced difficulty sleeping and stress eating.  Even the daily comics are filled with reminders of what hangs in the balance.  If the Republicans lose the House, Donald Trump will say the outcome … Continue reading

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Under Trump, hate has been mainstreamed

Words fail to capture adequately the shock and aching sadness at yesterday’s slaughter of 11 and wounding of others Saturday morning at the Tree of Life Synagogue in the Squirrel Hill section of Pittsburgh. The randomness of the target selected … Continue reading

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Can young voters beat back climate change deniers?

We love our iPhones; they’re the result of science. We fly on planes, relying on the underlying science. Our modern society is shaped by science. So why, when 97 percent of scientists concur that the planet is threatened by climate … Continue reading

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Gube race: Baker less visionary, more realistic

Candidate A once held the position of Secretary of Administration and Finance, nicknamed the deputy governor of the Commonwealth.  He was also an executive in a health care company, a sector that is vital to everyone in the state and … Continue reading

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Question 1: Sounds good but isn’t

On its surface, referendum question #1 sounds terrific.  Require minimum number of registered nurses per patient in Massachusetts hospitals. Why wouldn’t that be better for patients?  Well, not so fast.  Here are some things to think about. Rigid ratios do … Continue reading

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Kavanaugh nomination taps primordial feelings

The U.S. Supreme Court cafeteria on Friday was surprisingly quiet, as if noontime eaters were subdued by the Brett Kavanaugh nomination drama playing out at the Senate Judiciary Committee. Outside on the steps of the august building, hundreds of protesters … Continue reading

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