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Could this be Donald Trump’s “no sense of decency” moment?

Has Donald Trump finally reached his Joe McCarthy tipping point moment? Trump’s malevolently vicious attack on the memory of Lori Klausitis, which he wielded as a weapon to sully persistent critic Joe Scarborough, took me back to 1954.  It was … Continue reading

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Remembering COVID-19’s victims on Memorial Day and beyond

Donna Morrissey was a ray of sunshine. She was an authentic humanitarian, beautiful, intelligent, warm, and committed to serving the community. After early work in television, she handled public relations for the Boston Archdiocese in the first year and a … Continue reading

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Time to move on from Tara Reade’s charges

Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump in the popular vote in 2016. But Donald Trump was able to convince enough battleground state voters who disliked both nominees that she was worse. In 2020, he knows  he can’t win re-election running a … Continue reading

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More COVID-19 response outrages

An April 29th letter from American Airlines to its Advantage Gold Card members announced, “Caring for Your is Our Priority.”  I’m so touched.  The Airline wrote that it would “begin to distribute sanitizing wipes or gel and face masks to … Continue reading

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COVID-19 – lessons to be learned?

Worrying about those, including close friends and relatives, suffering from the pandemic virus itself,  fretting about its economic fallout and spending up to eight hours a day in assorted Zoom meetings, I have lacked the focus to write  a single-theme … Continue reading

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Books to consider in flight from viral infection

During our sheltering from the COVID-19 virus, reading can provide a meaningful escape from the constant hand washing, planning our grocery orders and listening to the news. The following are some of my recent immersions in fiction and non-fiction. FICTION … Continue reading

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Grasping bits of optimism and glimmers of hope

Today is One Boston day, the seventh anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, when the Tsarnaev brothers set off two crude pressure cooker bombs that resulted in three deaths, wounded hundreds of others and sheared off limbs brutally and indiscriminately.  … Continue reading

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