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Saving equal access to the internet

Net neutrality isn’t just an issue for millennials and techies. The Federal Communications Commission’s December decision to change the rules governing access to the internet will affect us all. Your eyes glazing over? Our attitudes won’t be so “whatever” come … Continue reading

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Iran: Trump kills Plan A without a Plan B

The creepiest image from Donald Trump’s announcement that he was withdrawing from the Iran deal was new NSA chief John Bolton’s looming presence as the president exited the podium. It’s too soon to tell whether Bolton will get the Iran … Continue reading

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Remembering Barbara Bush

It was June 1990, Severance Green at Wellesley College. Blue sky, warm sunshine, graduating seniors and their families waiting to hear from two commencement honorees, Raisa Gorbachev, the wife of Russian premier Mikhail Gorbachev, and Barbara Bush, First Lady, wife … Continue reading

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Rename Yawkey Way: yea or nay?

Renaming Yawkey Street next to Fenway Park as Jersey Street, its original name, should be a no-brainer.  The reputation of the Boston Red Sox under the leadership of the late owner Tom Yawkey reinforced the sense of Boston as a … Continue reading

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Opioid epidemic: a solvable crisis

President Trump hints he wants the death penalty for drug traffickers. (He’s an unabashed admirer of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.)   Is the President calling for the death penalty for doctors prescribing Oxycontin, Percocet, morphine, and other pain killers? After all, an … Continue reading

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Good guy needs new body part

Every time you renew your driver’s license in Massachusetts you have a chance to say whether you’d donate an organ upon your death. Waiting lists for cadaver transplants can be six to eight years, far too long for many gravely … Continue reading

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Who can make the difference in 2018?

Since the evacuation of the HMS Birkenhead in 1852, “women and children first” has been the code of conduct to protect the most helpless among us from impending disaster. Today we look to them not only to save themselves but … Continue reading

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