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Parsing the Lynch and Markey stereotypes

Sometimes it’s easy to categorize U.S. Senate candidates Ed Markey and Stephen Lynch.  Congressman Markey is the unreconstructed liberal, right?  His values on gun control, abortion, climate change, gay rights, and virtually everything else are unequivocally left of center.  And … Continue reading

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All hail Menino

Congratulations to Boston’s longest serving mayor.  In the 1970’s, as a young aide to state Senator Joe Timilty, he told a few Beacon Hill colleagues his goal was to be mayor of Boston.  They laughed at what seemed an unlikely … Continue reading

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Boston Olympic bid a silly diversion

Score Boston Mayor Tom Menino:1; Boston Globe:0  on the proposal to bring the Olympics to Boston in 2024.  Opined an editorial, a chance to host the Olympics is “too rare to pass up without further consideration.”  Really? As the Mayor restated … Continue reading

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This time, the Phoenix does not rise

The announcement yesterday that the Boston Phoenix is ceasing publication marks the end of an era, an era of substantive, long-form journalism.  Jim Barron and I wrote for the paper back in the 1970’s.  It was the place to be, along … Continue reading

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Grossman, DeLeo speak reality to Patrick’s dreams

Governor Patrick’s hopes for Massachusetts, delivered in his state-of-the-state address in January were big-picture, visionary, limitless in their possibilities – especially in transportation, education and tax reform. They were so big, in fact, they took your breath away.  His proposals focused on increasing income … Continue reading

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Sequester brings crisis fatigue

Scream! Make that, primal scream!! Washington’s failure to deal with the sequester before it kicked in is just the latest in a series of failed attempts to deal responsibly with federal deficit and budget issues.  So bad are the constant … Continue reading

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Menino v. Connolly an intergenerational competition

One need look no further than Joe Fitzgerald’s column in today’s Boston Herald to know why City Councillor John Connolly’s mayoral bid is such an uphill race.  Fitzgerald looks at Menino through his wife Angela’s eyes.  Angela is much loved … Continue reading

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