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Charlie Baker: Right on Municipal Workers’ Health Insurance

Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker’s main issue differentiating himself from Governor Deval Patrick has for weeks been his emphasis on cutting state spending, including eliminating 5000 jobs. But he hasn’t been specific about where those jobs are, so his criticism … Continue reading

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Scott Brown – All squirrely on health reform

Name a position on health reform, and Scott Brown has taken it. As a state senator, he voted for the Massachusetts health reform law, which became the model for the federal law. Yet he rode to Washington on a pledge … Continue reading

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Health Insurance Reform: The End of the Beginning

The course leading to the House vote on health insurance reform was clearly a case of winning ugly. We’ve all had an overdose of exposure to legislative sausage-making. But, in the end, the 219-to-212 vote was a huge step forward, … Continue reading

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National Grid: Fear Monger, Scam Artist?

National Grid seems to have joined the ranks of such scam artists as vinyl siding salesmen and certain car mechanics.  Judge for yourself, based on this experience of one of our neighbors, without heat and hot water for five days … Continue reading

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Bail-Out Issues Strike Home

We are fond of saying we live a block from the Charles River……most of the time. This is the rest of the time. Ten inches of rain in 72 hours! The Charles is over its banks, with water coming up … Continue reading

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Governor Patrick: Lead Communities to Health Insurance Savings

Governor Patrick is said to be planning a visit to Newton this Saturday.  His campaign will be giving out bumper stickers and signing up supporters. Here’s what I hope he talks about:  the cost of health insurance to cover city … Continue reading

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The Arts in Boston: One Hit, One Miss

The Hit. For anyone who grew up in Boston, yesterday’s reopening of the Paramount Theatre on Washington Street downtown was both a trip down memory lane and an invitation to an exciting future. The theater opened in 1932 but decrepitude … Continue reading

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