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Hope for the future

Watching dysfunctional Washington is profoundly, naggingly depressing, leaving one having to work hard to count our blessings, of which there are assuredly many. Typically, those blessings are related to home, hearth and health, family and friends. Against the backdrop of … Continue reading

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And they’re off and running

Long-term Congressman Ed Markey’s announcement that he’ll run in a special election to fill Senator John Kerry’s Senate seat (once Kerry is confirmed for Secretary of State) starts the new campaign season (did the old one ever stop?) with a … Continue reading

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NRA achieves its purpose

The NRA’s Friday press conference revealed the powerful organization to be utterly tone deaf when it comes to how to reduce violence and protect children. Do we need any more evidence of that than NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre’s comment that … Continue reading

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Fiscal cliff debate looking more like Thelma and Louise

When it comes to the fiscal cliff, President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner are looking more and more like Thelma and Louise. And John Boehner seems incapable of stopping the plunge. President Obama has shown he is capable of … Continue reading

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Scott Brown v. Bill Weld not even close

A WBUR poll this morning about who might run to fill John Kerry’s Senate seat if/when Kerry becomes Secretary of State showed an overwhelming preference for Scott Brown over former Governor Bill Weld for the GOP nomination.  A valedictory op … Continue reading

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Will Newtown be any different?

How many times after a tragic shooting have we heard politicians say, in the guise of respect for the victims. “this isn’t the time” to talk about gun control.   White House spokesman Jay Carney used the same language on Friday.  “There … Continue reading

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Note to Cahill prosecutors: give it up

After  40 hours over 7 days of deliberation, the news is finally in: the jury in the criminal trial of former state treasurer Tim Cahill couldn’t reach a unianimous decision about whether he misappropriated public funds for campaign purposes and committed procurement fraud. … Continue reading

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