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Marty Walsh paints the big picture

If Boston Mayor Marty Walsh can avoid giving away the store in the next rounds of union negotiations,  he’ll save some money to help fund some of his promised initiatives. He avoided discussion of the challenge of union money demands this morning when he laid out his vision to … Continue reading

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Cardinal charms New England Council

Women have always played an important role in service to the community and to the Catholic Church. They are at the helm in various Catholic hospital systems, universities and  foundations. The great unanswered question for many women is whether they will ever … Continue reading

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Obama speech strategically crafted

President Obama’s state-of-the-union speech is a reminder that most of what we’ll remember was how it was said, not what was said. Smart beginning, high energy, powerful ending.  It was brilliantly crafted to make the most of a not-great situation: low … Continue reading

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More remembrances of Chet

The media have taken the measure of the man: Chet Curtis was a prince. Smart, caring, funny, calm and comfortable.  No argument there. Chet had many “princely” trappings – a huge salary for the time, what seemed to be an ideal … Continue reading

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Keep the buffer zone

WBUR cognoscenti contributor Joanne Barker got it right: Eleanor McCullen, anti-abortion plaintiff in the Supreme Court case challenging the 35-foot buffer zone around clinics offering abortions, isn’t typical of the individuals trying to deter patients from entering such facilities.  Claiming … Continue reading

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Intelligence Committee report confirms blot on Hillary’s record

Four Americans dead in Benghazi, Libya, on 9/11/12, and they didn’t have to be. Yesterday’s Senate Intelligence Committee Report makes it pretty clear: the tragedy at Benghazi could have been avoided.  For months, Ambassador Chris Stevens had been requesting additional security, to … Continue reading

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Christie has lost more than weight since the GW Bridge back-up

If Chris Christie runs for president,  do we agree that “I’ll get the country moving again” won’t be his campaign slogan? But such a campaign, if it ever happens, is a political lifetime away.  A more immediate concern to the … Continue reading

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