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Civility and indignation can go together

Red Hen owner Stephanie Wilkinson asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave her Lexington, Virginia restaurant , declaring it a moral issue.  Wilkinson said her request was in the name of upholding “certain standards, like honesty, compassion and cooperation.” Some of … Continue reading

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Trump a candidate for Nobel Appease Prize?

Remember Lucy pulling the football away just as Charlie Brown was about to kick it? Imagine if Charlie Brown,  instead of being dejected,  ran around the field with his arms stretched high shouting  that he had just kicked the winning … Continue reading

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The war of the roses

Candide says, “We must cultivate our garden,” and it’s all the more important today as an escape from Donald Trump and the malevolent cacophony he brews. My garden is one reason I shall never move out of our house.  But, … Continue reading

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Hand-held cell phone ban for drivers long overdue

I had the right-of-way at 12:30 one day last week, protected by a Yield sign facing cars entering the main road.  Already I can hear you laughing, as in, c’mon, girl. Do you really trust Yield signs? Well, no. But … Continue reading

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