Headlines I’m looking for in 2018

My New Year’s gift to you is a list of headlines.  I have precious little expectation that we will see them atop newspapers, magazines,  newscasts or on social media in 2018.  Please send your own in the comments section below.

I won’t do something snide like: President receives heart transplant, develops empathy and humility. Perhaps the headlines will read: Trump’s annual check-up includes mental health assessment; family confirms President’s cognitive impairment; cabinet invokes 25th Amendment.

President Trump renames Affordable Care Act as Trumpcare, saying it’s the best ever; subsidizes premiums for millions forced out by tax bill.

President Trump defies Ryan, keeps campaign promise to preserve Medicare and Social Security, raises taxable base.

Red Sox go all the way with Alex Cora at the helm.

Court approves Mueller request for Trump tax filings.

Bipartisan group saves DACA and Children’s Health Insurance programs, unencumbered by wall.

Congress blocks Trump from putting himself on the $20 bill.

100 percent of Puerto Ricans back on electric grid, new arrivals in Florida turn state blue.

Celtics win first championship since 2008.

“Real” Mitt Romney elected Senator from Utah, leads GOP moderate movement.

Democrats win control of House and Senate.

Charlie Baker gets T running well, reelected MA governor with more than 60 percent of vote.

Bryon Hefner sells life story to Miramax, spouse Stan leaves Beacon Hill for Venice Beach.

Pot shops open in Massachusetts, grannies flash Mona Lisa smiles.

Jeff Bezos moves second headquarters to Massachusetts, funds affordable housing initiative.

Elizabeth Warren defies alt-right money to win reelection, supports younger Presidential nominee.

Gatehouse Media ups $$$ investment in Boston Herald, pledges commitment to its future.

Patriots win Superbowl, Bill Belichick smile linked to gas.

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