Ed Markey’s climate change work needed in US Senate

Massachusetts voters who care about climate change will want to return Ed Markey to the U.S. Senate.  He has worked on the issue for decades, well before many  of the rest of us were taking seriously the impact of fossil fuel-generated CO2 on the earth’s atmosphere. If you understand the existential threat that confronts the planet, or if you’re just becoming “woke” to the issue, you will be well served to listen to the presentation Markey recently made at Tufts University   at the Tisch College of Civic Life.

You will be impressed by the depth of his scientific understanding, the authenticity of his passion, his capacity to legislate on all aspects of the issue and, despite his sometimes problematic staccato delivery, his ability to communicate the urgency of the need for action.

Challenger Joe Kennedy is definitely one of the really good guys, smart, articulate, personable and, as I have said before, even exhibits an attractive humility rare for a politician. Until now.  It’s as if a heretofore-suppressed Kennedy gene has risen to insist its possessor take advantage of the opportunity to run against the older man, regardless of the consequences.  Other than a nod  to youth, there is no reason to deny to America’s preeminent climate change legislator what may well be a last term and where his subject matter knowledge and legislative experience could be decisive.

If the Democrats can take back the Senate, hold the House  and capture the Presidency, Markey will have an opportunity to lead this country away from a dystopian environmental future and set us, our children and grandchildren on a more sustainable path.  It’s pathetic that the $20+ million about to be spent on this Massachusetts Senate race (and the money that will be spent to pick a 4th district successor to Kennedy) won’t be available to help target GOP candidates elsewhere who could tip the balance in the Congress’ upper chamber.

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4 thoughts on “Ed Markey’s climate change work needed in US Senate

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  3. Judy holmberg

    I couldn’t agree more. This is not the time to overturn the absolute greatest legislator on climate change! What is Kennedy thinking? – except his own narrow future. He makes me angry! He is a perfectly nice and thoughtful legislator but he must be smart enough to recognize the really important issues of the day- bar none. Please withdraw, Teddy.

    Judy Holmberg


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