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Mass. Senate race: an embarrassment of riches?

No one has a right to hold onto an office in perpetuity, but having served a long time shouldn’t necessarily be a disqualifier. Senator Ed Markey has been in public office nearly half a century.  The one-term+ US Senator has … Continue reading

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St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast: more love-in, less roast

Southie’s traditional St. Patrick’s Day breakfast was anything but traditional yesterday.  A testament to the new Boston, a majority-minority city, the breakfast was hosted for the first time ever by a woman, a person of color, a Haitian-American, and a … Continue reading

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Final Debate – six days left to election

Last night’s Senate debate between Democrat Ed Markey and Republican Gabriel Gomez was a schoolyard scramble to see who could make the “old and stale” label stick. Gomez says it’s Markey who’s old and stale because he’s been in Congress for 37 years.  Markey … Continue reading

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Gomez v. Markey a study in contrasts

It’s easy to think of ourselves as thoughtful deliberative voters with no single litmus issue for judging a candidate, but that theoretical criterion came up short last night in the final moments of the Senate debate between Gabriel Gomez and Ed … Continue reading

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Markey needs to step it up

Senator John McCain is in Boston today to support Republican Gabriel Gomez’ bid for the U.S. Senate race.  Gomez, a former Navy SEAL,  is expected to step up his attacks on Democratic Congressman Ed Markey for being soft on homeland … Continue reading

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And they’re off and running

Long-term Congressman Ed Markey’s announcement that he’ll run in a special election to fill Senator John Kerry’s Senate seat (once Kerry is confirmed for Secretary of State) starts the new campaign season (did the old one ever stop?) with a … Continue reading

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