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Ed Markey’s climate change work needed in US Senate

Massachusetts voters who care about climate change will want to return Ed Markey to the U.S. Senate.  He has worked on the issue for decades, well before many  of the rest of us were taking seriously the impact of fossil … Continue reading

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Focus on tippable districts

On a recent sultry summer evening, well over 100 people crushed into a suburban Newton garden to hear Jared Golden, candidate for Congress.  Haven’t heard of him?  That may be because he is from Maine’s second Congressional district, currently represented … Continue reading

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Moving beyond zero-sum politics

It’s hard not to feel good about last Tuesday’s election results. Winning beats losing. Trying to tout losing by special congressional elections by ever-narrower margins doesn’t cut it.  Never mind that Virginia trends blue anyway and voted Democratic the last … Continue reading

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Joe Kennedy takes measured approach to government

The scion of a multi-generational political dynasty, Massachusetts’ new fourth district congressman is youthful, charming, and unpretentious. He reflects an honest humility appropriate to someone who has been in Congress for just three weeks.  Speaking to this morning’s meeting of The New England    Council, … Continue reading

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