Free Press: Clarence Thomas’ next target?

For maximum impact, play the soundtrack of Jaws. An assault on press freedom may not be imminent, but it’s looming. For full details, see today’s issue of Washington Monthly, with a front-page article on the gathering storm. James H. Barron (yes, he’s the same author of the critically acclaimed The Greek Connection) documents the erosion of press protection and public support. This could get much worse under today’s Trump-stacked Supreme Court.

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2 thoughts on “Free Press: Clarence Thomas’ next target?

  1. Judy Holmberg

    I am not as informed in this area as both of you are but I certainly believe that we are under imminent threat at losing many of our freedoms. Freedom of the press is what keeps our democracy. FOX is not a legitimate press from my perspective. It does huge damage. Jim, You are an incredible journalist – honest, meticulous, and well reasoned. Impressive to get this on the front page if the Washington Monthly! Judy


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