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Mourning Paris journalists and attack on press freedom

If I were technologically proficient, I’d edge this blog in black. How profoundly sad is the grievous slaughter of 12 yesterday in Paris, journalists and their police protectors at the satire magazine Charlie Hebdo.  What an unspeakable attack on press freedom … Continue reading

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Keep the buffer zone

WBUR cognoscenti contributor Joanne Barker got it right: Eleanor McCullen, anti-abortion plaintiff in the Supreme Court case challenging the 35-foot buffer zone around clinics offering abortions, isn’t typical of the individuals trying to deter patients from entering such facilities.  Claiming … Continue reading

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“Innocence of Muslims” film tests First Amendment beliefs

Set aside such unacceptable (and criminal) “clear and present” dangers such as  shouting Fire in a crowded theater, as a journalist I have always thought of myself as something of a First Amendment absolutist.  That’s being tested these days. The cornerstone of democracy … Continue reading

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The Supremes Hit a Sour Note

Even as a First Amendment virtual absolutist (with the usual crying-fire-in-a-crowded-theater exceptions), I find it hard to believe there won’t be a flood of bad results from the recent Supreme Court decision lifting limits on corporate spending on behalf of … Continue reading

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