Headlines to look for in 2020

2020 vision gives us clarity to see the world around us. 2020 hindsight is a way of understanding where we got it wrong in the past.  Today, my New Year’s gift to you is a list of headlines I hope to see in 2020. Some are the triumph of hope over experience. Some are aspirational but still possible. Others could really show up in newspapers, magazines, newscasts or social media.  Feel free to share your own in the comments section below.

My past aspirational headlines for Donald Trump have circled the drain. At every juncture, he has befouled our civic discourse and polluted our democracy. The only headline I want to see is: Trump Overwhelmingly Defeated: Packs Bags for Mar-a-Lago; Takes Family With Him.

Mitt Romney finds he has a pair: Leads Effort for Secret Ballot in Senate Trial of Impeached President.

Former Marine Amy McGrath defeats Mitch McConnell in Kentucky Senate Race.

GOP Senators Cory Gardner, Martha McSally and Susan Collins Down and Out

John Cornyn’s Base Crumbles in Texas

Democratic President-Elect Announces Public Option for Health Care 

United States Rejoins the Paris Accords on Climate; toughens standards for carbon reduction

Supreme Court Upholds Lower Courts’ Rulings on Trump Tax Returns

New Fox”breaking news” poll finds strong majority says truth and science matter

Ageism not a factor in elections; 2020 youth vote highest ever

DACA Kids Get New Lease on Life, Pathway to Citizenship

Netanyahu Era Ends in Israeli Election

Brexit leads to Scotland Independence and Irish Unification

MA Governor Charlie Baker finally gets the T running well

Tom Brady retires with dignity; Jimmy Garoppolo leaves 49ers for N.E. Patriots

Boston Red Sox season a plus despite salary cap maneuvers

Celtics and Bruins become champions again; Hub suppliers run out of confetti

Dramatic rights to James H. Barron’s forthcoming blockbuster book The Greek Connection (publication date May 19, 2020) sold for movie, TV and Broadway musical, author and his wife retire in comfort  (File under:  aspirational)

May our near and dear ones celebrate 2020 in good health, happiness and peace. May we all return to a place where we don’t have to pick up the daily paper with trepidation and where we can have pride in our country and the values it has represented for centuries -always a work in progress, but trending in the right direction.

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6 thoughts on “Headlines to look for in 2020

  1. Andrew Jaske

    Couldn’t agree more. I’ve generally liked Chuck and thought he at least tried to push things, but he got completely rolled over yesterday. Essentially Pompeo said “It’s all Obama’s fault – if that Muslim sympathizer – or Muslim – hadn’t been working for Iranian interests instead of the US, then poor Donny wouldn’t have been put in the position of having to threaten war crimes and risk massive instability.” Republicans always want to fund the war machine-always money for that or lining the pockets of billionaires-no money for health care or education-can’t afford that because we always have to be at war.


  2. tonyvet@comcast.net

    I am with you on all of these, but the best one was the last about your retirement. Good luck with that! A return to sanity in the next paragraph? Absolutely.

    Tony Schwartz


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