An open letter to Angela Menino

Dear Angela,

Boston Globe photo
Boston Globe photo

Reams have been written and will continue to be written about your beloved husband, Tom; hours have been spent broadcasting his myriad accomplishments as Boston’s longest running mayor. History will reflect on the many things he did to leave his imprint on the city and, indeed, the region. Future generations will marvel at the still wondrous fact that, after all those years, those new skyscrapers erected, the Innovation District created, the summer jobs generated for young people, the arts institutions resurrected, his authentic support for gay marriage and human rights – after all that and more, he still left the office with an 80 percent approval rating.  (As one Boston Magazine writer noted, he was “more popular than kittens.”)

I want to offer you – and his children and grandchildren – my deepest condolences. If the city is grieving, one can only begin to imagine the void you are feeling.  I want to thank you for the loving support you gave him, during good times and bad.  He couldn’t have accomplished what he did without your underpinning. You were always with him, at events large and small.  You watched over him, especially during his health challenges, like a hawk.  You were always engaged in his civic activities but projected friendliness along with quiet dignity, there to be his helpmate and boon companion, never seeking the spotlight for yourself.

Most of all, I want to thank you for sharing him with the city, with its hundreds of thousands of residents, a majority of whom had actually met him, most of whom felt they knew him. He was always on call, and so, like a doctor’s or plumber’s wife knows, you had to accept  that your own life was never your own. You never made Bostonians feel that this was mere forbearance on your part.  You accepted the role. You embraced it.

And so, I hope you now feel the embrace of all those, big people and small (from a political power perspective) who want to put their arms around you and say, well done, Angela. May the happy memories lessen the pain for you and your family during these difficult days.


Margie Arons-Barron

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