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Parsing the Lynch and Markey stereotypes

Sometimes it’s easy to categorize U.S. Senate candidates Ed Markey and Stephen Lynch.  Congressman Markey is the unreconstructed liberal, right?  His values on gun control, abortion, climate change, gay rights, and virtually everything else are unequivocally left of center.  And … Continue reading

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Warren passes her first test as one in a field of six

Elizabeth Warren demonstrated at this week’s debate that she is a real player, but, despite media raves, she didn’t necessarily hit the ball out of the park. The six Democratic candidates met Tuesday night in a non-debate at UMass Lowell, … Continue reading

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Blue Massachusetts Sees Red?

The final polling results from Public Policy Polling in the U.S. Senate race show Scott Brown ahead of Martha Coakley by 51 percent to 46 percent, more comfortable than last week but still, it says, within its margin of error. … Continue reading

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Wake Up Massachusetts!

Today’s Suffolk University/7 News poll shows Scott Brown ahead of Martha Coakley for the first time -by four points, essentially a margin-of-error difference. This dramatic news is somewhat understandable when you look at how the people of Massachusetts have shifted … Continue reading

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The Last Senate Debate…..Mercifully

A vote for Republican state Senator Scott Brown is a vote against health reform legislation. A vote for Democratic Attorney General Martha Coakley is a vote against deficit reduction. Those are the main take-aways from last night’s final debate among … Continue reading

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Mass. politics yesterday and today

The Massachusetts political pipeline does seem to be opening up this year, uncorked at the top by the passing of Ted Kennedy, with a slight domino effect in lower level offices. David Bernstein predicts an unprecedented reshuffling in this year’s … Continue reading

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Scott Brown, per diems and the big picture

Jessica Van Sack’s article in today’s Boston Herald questions Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown’s consistency in holding himself up as the candidate of fiscal responsibility and taking over $3500 in per diems in 2009 in addition to his state Senate … Continue reading

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