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Moving beyond zero-sum politics

It’s hard not to feel good about last Tuesday’s election results. Winning beats losing. Trying to tout losing by special congressional elections by ever-narrower margins doesn’t cut it.  Never mind that Virginia trends blue anyway and voted Democratic the last … Continue reading

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Who is Bruce Poliquin, and why we should care

U.S. Sen. Angus King (Ind.) says the House-passed health care bill, “the most ill-conceived, damaging and downright cruel piece of legislation that I have ever seen,” will cost Maine people their health insurance. U.S. Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) is concerned … Continue reading

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Moulton and the great mentioners

Speculation is stirring; the mentioners are mentionning.  Despair about the lack of a Democratic bench is giving way to thoughts of who may really be “out there” as potential contenders for opposition party candidates for President in 2020.  So there … Continue reading

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How Trump is succeeding in his first 100 days

Don’t snicker at Donald Trump’s high unfavorable ratings and lack of legislative achievements. He’s doing better than you think. Trump may not have succeeded yet on his promise to repeal/replace the Affordable Care Act. He may not have succeeded in … Continue reading

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Charlie Baker: the vision thing

For Democrats hoping to unseat Republican Governor Charlie Baker in 2018, my advice is: hang onto your day job.  Would-be opponents will charge that Baker may be an okay manager, but he lacks  vision. Making the charge stick will be difficult, if … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren: be in this fight!

Life under Donald Trump resembles what I would imagine a bad LSD trip to be. Psychedelically shocking news one day. Excruciating news the next. Today we awoke to an executive order ending a regulation that officials consider climate change when making decisions. … Continue reading

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Walsh positions Boston in the vanguard

“We face a new reality in our relationship with the federal government,” and mayors, city councilors, state legislators, the public and the business community have to tackle the challenges together, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh told the business community Thursday at … Continue reading

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