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Washington artful dodgers postpone responsibility

Don’t believe the hype: Ted Cruz and Tea Partiers weren’t big losers. Most other people were. The recent partial shut-down and near default of the US government led by rogue  deficit hawks cost American taxpayers at least $24 billion (according … Continue reading

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Biden, Ryan debate reassuring to bases

Last night’s vice presidential debate, expertly moderated by ABC’s Martha Raddatz (a former Channel 5 colleague), was engaging, high energy, substantively revealing, stylistically contrasting, and reassuring to partisans on both sides.  (David Brooks’ piece in today’s NY Times see this … Continue reading

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Senate hopeful Todd Akin’s gift of gaffe

A gaffe has been defined as when a politician accidentally tells the truth.  Not that the content of Rep. Todd Akin’s statement about rape is the truth, but that what he said is what he really thinks.  It’s obvious. And he’s not … Continue reading

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Obama held hostage on the budget, displaying Stockholm syndrome?

Stockholm syndrome describes what happens when someone taken hostage develops positive feelings for his captors. Barack Obama has been held hostage by the Republicans in Congress and in some ways is beginning to emulate them. Cut the deficit, slash fuel … Continue reading

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