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Training our sights on gun excess

It has been nearly a century since the New York Times published an editorial on its front page. It didn’t do so during the Great Depression, the Holocaust or the Vietnam War. Today, in the wake of the lethal San … Continue reading

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Gun deaths: how many more before common sense kicks in?

Driving past Newtown, Connecticut this past weekend was a reminder of how virtually nothing has been accomplished since the slaughter of little children at Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut a year and a half ago.  The Stop Handgun Violence billboard … Continue reading

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Gomez v. Markey a study in contrasts

It’s easy to think of ourselves as thoughtful deliberative voters with no single litmus issue for judging a candidate, but that theoretical criterion came up short last night in the final moments of the Senate debate between Gabriel Gomez and Ed … Continue reading

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In remembering Newtown, only one thing matters

The Red Sox and Yankees wore insigniae commemorating the Newtown massacre and observed a moment’s silence.  It was a virtually meaningless gesture.  There’s only one thing that will help. And that’s to do at a national level a deal like that agreed … Continue reading

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Obama takes first step toward gun safety

How effective the President will be on gun safety remains to be seen, but today he took a first step in the right direction by laying out an agenda to minimize future gun violence. He sounded like a leader.  We eagerly … Continue reading

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NRA achieves its purpose

The NRA’s Friday press conference revealed the powerful organization to be utterly tone deaf when it comes to how to reduce violence and protect children. Do we need any more evidence of that than NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre’s comment that … Continue reading

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Colorado shooting scares, saddens and stymies us

Shouting fire in a crowded theater is a terrible thing to do. Opening fire is a horror of a whole order of magnitude. Most of America is struggling to make sense out of 24-year-old neuroscience student James Holmes’ rampage, which so far has … Continue reading

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