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Super Tuesday: resolving the struggle between head and heart

It’s time to play my role in Super Tuesday. I’ve joked that in November I’d vote for a ham sandwich over Donald Trump. Any of  the  remaining candidates could do a better job than the incumbent. Nevertheless, I have twisted … Continue reading

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Biden behavior outdated but not disqualifying

Talk to some politicians and they’re always looking over your head to see if there’s someone better in the room upon whom to bestow their attention. Not Joe Biden. He looks you square in the eye, exudes warmth, is generous … Continue reading

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Hillary v. Biden: getting real

When late CBS newsman Daniel Schorr was asked about his move from radio to television, he reportedly observed, “If you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made.”  It’s in that spirit, and mindful of her declining poll numbers, that Hillary … Continue reading

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Biden, Ryan debate reassuring to bases

Last night’s vice presidential debate, expertly moderated by ABC’s Martha Raddatz (a former Channel 5 colleague), was engaging, high energy, substantively revealing, stylistically contrasting, and reassuring to partisans on both sides.  (David Brooks’ piece in today’s NY Times see this … Continue reading

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Obama and the politics of gay marriage

It would have been easier for Barack Obama to wait until after the election to announce that he thinks gays should have the right to marry.  He could have let people assume that V.P. Joe Biden’s and Education Secretary Arne … Continue reading

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As markets tank, politicians hit the links, oblivious

Recent memories of Cape Cod breezes, warm sunshine and gentle waves can’t dispel the acid taste left in the mouth by Congress’ despicable( and self-inflicted) game of chicken around raising the debt ceiling, followed by the eighth largest drop in … Continue reading

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