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NRA achieves its purpose

The NRA’s Friday press conference revealed the powerful organization to be utterly tone deaf when it comes to how to reduce violence and protect children. Do we need any more evidence of that than NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre’s comment that … Continue reading

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Corrected post: Brown, Warren debate; Gregory the loser

After last night’s Brown-Warren debate at UMass Lowell, co-sponsored by the Boston Herald, supporters of the two spilled into parking lots outside Tsongas Arena, arguing over which candidate won, but they were agreed that the clear loser was moderator David … Continue reading

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“Meet the Press” jumps the shark

  Over the summer it was  rumored that NBC was going to drop David Gregory from the Meet the Press moderator’s chair because of dramatically declining ratings. Would that they had. Except for FOX appearances, Mitt Romney has been AWOL … Continue reading

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