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John Henry’s call on Yawkey Way is a home run

Fans bustle in anticipation of the opening pitch. Vendors hawk programs and other souvenirs. The mouth-watering smell of grilled sausage fills the air – all on a street named after someone whose racial attitudes should not for one minute be … Continue reading

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Red Sox: hope springs eternal

There’s a 4″ x 3″ piece of paper held by magnet on my refrigerator door. The paper is yellow. It’s the American League standing from the first days of the 2015 season.  Boston was at the top of the East division, … Continue reading

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A fan’s lament

I feel as if I’ve been hit by a truck. Hung over, despite the fact that I had no alcoholic beverages yesterday or all of last week. The Patriots have let me down. Me. Personally. It was hard to get … Continue reading

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Remy back; feels odd

Jerry Remy is back, broadcasting from Red Sox spring training.  His return to the broadcast booth last weekend was duly reported on local news.  Hearing his voice was familiar but definitely odd. He’s doing his usual color analysis, but now his … Continue reading

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Red Sox victory: How sweet it is!

I can’t remember ever being happier to be wrong! There will be tons of words written about the first Red Sox win in Fenway in 95 years.  None will be enough, nor will mine adequately express our collective joy.  As … Continue reading

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Re Red Sox: I was wrong

Please pass the salt and pepper.  I’m about to eat some crow.  Last July, I wrote how nervous I was when the Red Sox were in first place at the All Star break.  Looking back over 20 years’ records, I … Continue reading

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Red Sox are failing to provide much needed diversion from world events

The stock market is down over 500 points, violence is increasing in Afghanistan, North Korea seems poised to launch a rocket that could figure in its nuclear program, hate crimes in Florida and Oklahoma dominate headlines, spring gardens are threatened … Continue reading

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