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Glass more than half full on New Year’s Day

  If a clean slate is a time for optimism, then Day One of the New Year should be a time to anticipate the coming year with a sense of the glass more than half full.  On the political scene, Governor-elect … Continue reading

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John Henry gets new toy: Globe future still in question

I don’t know John Henry.  We’ve been introduced at fundraising events a couple of times; there was no extended conversation.  He seems very nice, if shy.  I have no reason to think he’ll ruin the Boston Globe, which he has just … Continue reading

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Scott Brown v. Bill Weld not even close

A WBUR poll this morning about who might run to fill John Kerry’s Senate seat if/when Kerry becomes Secretary of State showed an overwhelming preference for Scott Brown over former Governor Bill Weld for the GOP nomination.  A valedictory op … Continue reading

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John Tierney: snatching victory from the jaws of defeat

Just as the Boston Herald was unable to sway voters with  obsessively demeaning Elizabeth Warren as an affirmative action princess “Fauxcohontas,”  so too did the Boston Globe fail to run John Tierney out of office, using barrels and barrels of ink … Continue reading

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Leading newspaper wimps out on editorial endorsements

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has announced it will no longer endorse political candidates, except in some rare undefined instances.  What a travesty!  Let’s face it.  A newspaper or television station’s endorsement of a candidate probably has little impact on how … Continue reading

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With public figures, the personal gestures can unsettle

In 1978,  I was covering Republican U. S. Senator Ed Brooke’s reelection campaign for the Boston Phoenix.  Both on primary and election day,  I was glued to him. Where he went, I went.  Sometimes it was meet-and-greets with  people. Sometimes … Continue reading

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Now let’s chuck the horse race and get to the substance

Hurray for the Globe. On Monday, it analyzed the assumptions of Mitt Romney’s proposals to beef up the military till expenditures hit four percent of GDP, challenged the relevancy of his data on the number of ships and planes we … Continue reading

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