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St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast: more love-in, less roast

Southie’s traditional St. Patrick’s Day breakfast was anything but traditional yesterday.  A testament to the new Boston, a majority-minority city, the breakfast was hosted for the first time ever by a woman, a person of color, a Haitian-American, and a … Continue reading

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Whitey withdrawal symptoms?

At first I thought a verdict in the trial of Boston gangster Whitey Bulger would spur profound withdrawal symptoms. I’d be missing the daily, nay, hourly updates on the grizzly testimony given about the murderous career of the Hub’s most … Continue reading

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Whitey is evil incarnate, not Robin Hood

One Southie resident interviewed on television about Whitey Bulger’s capture shrugged, “he’s a mobster; everyone has to have a profession,” or words to that effect. Others remembered Whitey’s reputed largesse, leaving money with a priest so people would have a … Continue reading

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