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Setti Warren for Governor?

The sun shone brightly on Saturday’s Beaumont Avenue block party in Newton, complete with kids, dogs, tee shirts and balloons.  Setti Warren, the Garden City’s two-term mayor, was announcing for governor  in front of the house in which he grew … Continue reading

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An open letter to my grandson about the election

Dear Jacob, This is your first Presidential election, and I know you understand the importance of your vote – especially since you’re casting your ballot from college in Ohio rather than in Massachusetts. You, as did so many of your … Continue reading

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Hillary chooses morning over mourning in America

Last night’s historic moment almost seemed anti-climactic. I had shed my tears at the historic milestone when Hillary Clinton had clinched the Democratic nomination. I held my breath for weeks thereafter until Bernie Sanders had endorsed her, making it clear just … Continue reading

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Sanders risks undoing his contribution

Bernie Sanders deserves credit for putting issues of economic inequities, Wall Street greed, Citizens United distortions, and the self-serving Washington establishment on the front burner. His  cranky old man persona was even mildly endearing when he was railing against the rigged system, … Continue reading

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Some advice for Clintonites: lay off Sanders

If I feel sick to my stomach at the thought that Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee of the Grand Old Party, I can’t fathom how I will feel on the morning of November 9 if he is the President-elect … Continue reading

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Can you say President Trump?

I hope Les Moonves is happy.  The head of CBS said that Donald Trump is great for business.“Donald’s place in this election is a good thing,”  Moonves said at a conference Monday in San Francisco. Trump’s circus-like antics have been … Continue reading

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Democratic race a battle of heart versus head

Bernie Sanders has given Democrats what they needed and what many wanted: a healthy debate on issues. Not just stock positions on this or that, because he and Hillary Clinton agree on most goals. His willingness to take on the presumptive nominee … Continue reading

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