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President Trump little changed from candidate Trump

The newly elected president of Gambia had to be sworn in in Senegal, and Senegalese and other African military may be needed to force Gambia’s despotic president to relinquish power he’s held for 22 years. It was quite a contrast to events at the same time … Continue reading

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Dems debate hidden between football and Downton Abbey

You had to be a 32nd degree political junkie to find and watch the last Democratic debate before the Iowa caucuses. Thanks to Hillary godmother and DNC chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, last night’s Democratic debate had 7.8 million voters, about … Continue reading

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Smart People, smart play

Smart People, Lydia Diamond’s new play at the Huntington Theatre at the Boston Center for the Arts, is a smart, funny, profound and highly polished play that I don’t hesitate to recommend.  Diamond, whose award-winning play Stick Fly played at the … Continue reading

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Driven to tears by campaign excesses

I agree with this four-year-old child in Colorado, driven to tears by the election. Politico made public that National Public Radio apologized to this adorable child whose pain I share.  I find I’m repeating to myself the NPR mantra of “only a … Continue reading

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Obama wins on substance; Romney, on strategy

The Mitt Romney who showed up at last night’s foreign policy debate agreed with President Obama on the majority of issues discussed and points raised. And, because the President has been dealing with them on the ground for nearly four … Continue reading

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Score one for Obama

President Obama woke up.  In last night’s debate, he was feisty and factual, conveying that he actually wants another four years and that he is engaged enough to do the job.  Mitt Romney, stylistically, didn’t give an inch. He was aggressive, … Continue reading

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Romney’s back in the game

Someone shook the Etch-a-Sketch, and Mitt Romney 1.0 showed up at last night’s debate.  After years of running away from his time as Massachusetts governor, he re-embraced his home state.  He bragged about its #1 ranking in education and said … Continue reading

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