GOP candidates make U.S. a laughingstock

GOP debate CNN.“Listen to this guy. He has one idea and repeats it over and over again.”                                                                                                                   “No, you’re the one who repeats himself. You have nothing to say.”                                                                                                              “You can’t be trusted.  You  lie.”                                                                                                                                                          “You’re the liar.”                                                                                                                                  “So’s your mother.”

Why don’t you take it outside, fellas.

If you watched the last GOP “debate” before Super Tuesday in hopes of learning anything, you must be sorely disappointed.  This demolition derby was worse than a sandlot scrabble among fifth graders.  It gave a bad name to a barroom brawl.  Disgusting. Mesmerizing in the horrifying way that a car crash compels us to look.

Center stage was Donald Trump, flanked by Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, both trying desperately to upstage and undercut Trump, each attempting to represent the true conservative center of the Republican Party.  CNN’s Wolf Blitzer was worthless as a moderator, frequently allowing the three to talk at the same time, shouting over each other, in insufferable chaos.

Ohio Governor John Kasich provided the only substance, a voice and tone of moderation, but he was a fringe player.  So, too, was retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, whose soporific if civil tone was surpassed by his irrelevancy.

Any viewer hoping for illumination, or anything other than grotesque circus maximus, should be looking beyond this screaming match for someone capable of being the leader of the free world. These clowns make us a joke in the global arena, and, whatever our innate partisan affinities, we are humiliated by this sad lot.

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3 thoughts on “GOP candidates make U.S. a laughingstock

  1. Beatrice Nessen

    Right on. A disgrace to the Republican party and CNN moderator for allowing this display of out-pissing. Stick and stones will break my bones but names and faces won’t harm me. The public should be reminded of this adage. Is this what the American voters wants and is swayed by? if so, we are in more trouble than we can imagine.


  2. Hopkins Holmberg

    The reality: as Robert Reich has said, the Republican Party died in 2016. (After a long illness).
    The “debate” in Houston was a very public conformation of this reality.


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