Senator Whoever: a candidate for The Daily Show!

Eric SchwartzI haven’t written much about Citizens United and the lethal impact that infamous Supreme Court decision has had on our already tainted political process.  Nothing I could have written would have driven the point home as colorfully as  this music video by Los Angeles-based music writer, singer and producer Eric Schwartz.  Please take a few minutes to listen to it. (I haven’t heard the other pieces on the CD so can make no claims about their content. I do know he assertively pushes the envelope, so be forewarned.)

Full disclosure: this is personal for me.  As a sweet and adorable kid, Eric used to shovel our driveway.  Now he’s grown up, wise, talented, and often very funny, and he has a lot to say (usually in rather raunchy, ribald and definitely non-PC language) about the world my generation has left him.  If you like this particular video and care about our money-defined election system, please send it on to your young friends who think it’s not important to vote in the mid-term elections.

I welcome your comments in the section below.

4 thoughts on “Senator Whoever: a candidate for The Daily Show!

  1. This video is against the working poor and missing class. Why should union members be forced to pay union dues and have the money support political advertisement, which members don’t support. For instance, as a member of the NRA my union dues went to support Democratic Candidates who wanted to restrict my right while not punishing criminals who misuse gun in criminal activity. In addition, because of force union dues, I had to donate to organizations to challenge the unions and the Democratic who attacked my rights. For instance, the NRA has 5 million members, with 5% of its members voluntary donating $25.00 each month and with a different 5% of its members donating $25.00 each month to the NRA political action fund, it cost the working man $25 a dollars a year or if done quarterly a $100.00 a year, giving the NRA $7.5million or $30.00million to challenge union and Democrats who use forced union dues to disarm the poor and working class people of the US, especially in Massachusetts. Furthermore, the missing class can stop doing business with companies or organizations, such as TD bank, that disagree with their political views; but they are still forced to pay forced union dues by having the money taken from their pay checks. If the union where fair they would give its members a choice, such as membership in BJ’s, to pay their dues or administrative fees voluntary, by eliminating the activity of deducting money from their pay check. The citizens united court case was a win to the missing class and working poor of the country, and still the union are the largest donors in political years, see:


      1. Sorry Eric, the video inferred how senator and president whomever could be bought after the citizens united decision; yet, it didn’t show how the working poor or missing class, like on the “rant above”, could put their voluntary, small, donations together and fight the large unions with their forced union dues. After all, the first ten-to fifteen highest donation in political donating is coming from union with its member being forced to pay for it. A $25.00 voluntary donated by millions of citizens can help them get their message into the public political arena, Citizens United was a good decision for the working poor and the missing class.


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