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Can public schools be saved?

It takes a strong woman, a person of standing, experience, intellect and courage to change her mind in the public arena.  No, I’m not talking about Hillary Clinton.  I’m talking about another Wellesley College graduate, Diane Silvers Ravitch.  A former … Continue reading

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Globe food editor Gail Perrin and her link to Peter Frates

Two trumpets, a horn, a euphonium and a tuba, a brass quintet performing the music for Saturday’s memorial for the late Boston Globe food writer and editor Gail Perrin. The music was loud, bold, brassy and confident: how very Gail … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton challenges global women leaders

 “Democracy is a new thing in my country,” Naheed Farid, the youngest member of the Afghanistan parliament, said to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton yesterday morning at Wellesley College.  “Don’t you think that after 2014 there will be disaster for democracy in the … Continue reading

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Being open-minded about nuclear energy

Twenty-five thousand gallons a day of thick oil leaking into formerly pristine and productive waters. Thousands of goopy patches encroaching on four Gulf Coast states, threatening more. Birds black with oil. Local fishermen out of work. Cleanup workers struggling with … Continue reading

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