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More remembrances of Chet

The media have taken the measure of the man: Chet Curtis was a prince. Smart, caring, funny, calm and comfortable.  No argument there. Chet had many “princely” trappings – a huge salary for the time, what seemed to be an ideal … Continue reading

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Hubie: 80 and going strong!

The marquee of the Citi Center for the Performing Arts, still known as the Wang, was lit up on Wednesday evening.  In bold colors and a dominating photo it read “Hubie80!”  For years now, Boston has known that “Hubie” is … Continue reading

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Kirby Perkins A+ scholarships distinguish WCVB-TV5

Shootings, muggings, fires, crashes, sports and weather–  all the stuff of local television.  Then there are the Kirby Perkins A+ scholarship segments. Kirby was a Channel 5 reporter who especially  loved politics and sports. The station’s “High Five” series had for … Continue reading

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Ogunquit fireworks preserve charm of yesteryear

While tens of thousands of Boston concert-goers were being herded from the Esplanade to a tunnel under Storrow Drive under threat of storm, Ogunquit, Maine was celebrating July 4th as tradition would have it: simple and lovely.  Standing on the Marginal … Continue reading

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Rick Perry’s lapse evokes sympathy more than ridicule

Anyone who has read this blog over the past year knows I am no fan of Rick Perry. But there’s no way I would delight in what he experienced in Wednesday’s Republican debate when he forgot that the third agency … Continue reading

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Kirby Perkins lives on in the A+ winners honored by WCVB-TV

Kirby Perkins was a great political reporter, a lot of fun and a good friend. He died of a heart attack 14 years ago at the shockingly young age of 49. While he rubbed elbows with every significant politician of … Continue reading

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John Kerry gets real

Something is happening with John Kerry. The state’s senior senator seems to be finding his real voice. He is coming across as authentic, not usually a word traditionally associated with him. Maybe losing the Presidency in 2004 has freed him … Continue reading

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