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Black arm bands not boycott for inauguration protest

So, Ringling Bros. is closing down the circus after 146 years. But, in this inaugural week, the circus hasn’t left town.  We can’t be sure where the lions and trapeze artists are going, but we certainly know where the elephants and marquis … Continue reading

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Obama still stands for hope, alloyed with action

“When they go low, we go high,” is Michelle Obama’s credo.  Last night, her husband exemplified that commitment.  He spoke to the best that is in the American people, the power of faith, the ability of ordinary people to come … Continue reading

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U.S. to Ukraine: another broken pledge?

Life has taken a Cold War Turn, and I find myself almost missing Ronald Reagan and his willingness to stand up to the Russians.  Ten years ago, Ukraine was the third most powerful nuclear power in the world. It dismantled … Continue reading

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Moving off ambivalence on Syria

Like so many, I have been struggling with the Syrian dilemma of strike/no strike, reflected in my previous blog .  Congressman John Tierney, speaking to the New England Council yesterday morning, spoke of his own struggle to “do the right thing.”  Sen. Ed … Continue reading

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