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Downer Days for Democrats and Independents

If you believe in the U. S. Constitution, the dignity of the Presidency, the value of science, the importance of truth, civility and commitment to oaths to which one has sworn, this week has been a nightmare for you. and … Continue reading

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Obama speech strategically crafted

President Obama’s state-of-the-union speech is a reminder that most of what we’ll remember was how it was said, not what was said. Smart beginning, high energy, powerful ending.  It was brilliantly crafted to make the most of a not-great situation: low … Continue reading

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State-of-the-Union speech paints vision and ignores political realities

State-of-the-union speeches are supposed to be inspirational, and last night’s by President Obama achieved that goal. It certainly spoke to his Democratic base and evoked a vision of what those center and left-of-center want their country to be and do. … Continue reading

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